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Explore our premium selection of gifts over 100 euros at Pepita Viajera , where luxury, quality and learning merge into exceptional products. Perfect for those who want to offer a gift that is as substantial and meaningful as it is sustainable and educational. Each item in this category is a sign of commitment to quality, culture and care for the environment.
For significant events such as weddings, anniversaries or graduations, it will be the perfect gift, since this type of event is celebrated with an upcoming trip. Other ideas for perfect gift-giving moments in this section include: high-end corporate gifts, special family occasions, special recognition for achievements, or gifts for special holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas.
Visit our 'Gifts of More than 100 euros' category and choose between products that guarantee
not only to please, but also to teach and preserve. At Pepita Viajera, we believe that a gift can be both a luxury and a message, transforming each occasion into an opportunity to travel and learn sustainably.