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Back to school

Prepare for back to school with Pepita Viajera's Back to School products, designed especially for students looking to combine study and adventure. Our collection includes innovative and educational items, perfect for starting the school year with motivation and style. Articles with inspirational and educational contribution. For a very traveling back to school.

Inspiring and Sustainable School Equipment .

Discover our range of school products, from backpacks and pencil cases to writing accessories, all created with sustainable materials and unique designs that stimulate curiosity and learning. They are the ideal companion for the daily school life of any conscious and adventurous student.

Learn and Explore From the Classroom.

Each item in our selection is designed to enrich the educational experience, facilitating learning and organization. It equips students with tools that are not only practical but also teach about the world, perfect for fostering a well-rounded education.

Explore our Back to School section at Pepita Viajera and choose the products that
They will transform back to school into an exciting learning adventure. With Pepita
Traveler, every school day is an opportunity to discover and grow.