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Let's travel together!

Hello! Welcome to Pepita Viajera

My name is Yolanda and I am a teacher, illustrator and traveler: one of those who hang their backpack, feel a destination, get a round-trip ticket and don't need much else.

One day, upon returning from one of those trips, I went into my painting “workshop” and looking at the pine trees that surround it, I started to think about how I could unite those three passions that I have.

So I took my pencil and drew her and, since that day, more than ten years ago, Pepita travels with me to all places...

Traveling Nugget

A girl with two pigtails, yellow boots and a big red backpack looking at me and smiling.

It was then that I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them I saw two pigtails peeking out from among the pine trees. I stayed watching, like a traveler, and then it appeared...

  • We meet wonderful people

  • We learn the customs of the places we visit

  • We paint what we feel

  • We learn from the artists we see

...and we do common projects to feel connected and united to the world

Of course, this doesn't end here. Then we go to class and tell the little ones everything we have learned. Now all the boys and girls at my school know Pepita.

I will never forget that day when a little girl looked at me, with bright eyes from having discovered the greatest treasure in the world, and told me:

– Sir… You are Pepita! right?

And since on a trip you meet so many people... Now a group of friends are preparing a new adventure: Amaya, Jose, Dani, Pepita and I to discover how infinite the world is and how much we are going to learn from it.

will you join us?

In this project you can take all the essence of Pepita home... and on a trip.

These are just sketches of everything we are designing and manufacturing with all our love... and they will soon be available in our online store.