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Gifts for traveling and learning

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Explore meaningful and affordable gifts at Pepita Viajera, where each item for less than 25 euros offers quality, sustainability and learning. Perfect for a
variety of occasions without compromising your budget.

Perfect Gifting Occasions:

·       Birthdays and Celebrations: Find educational games and accessories that delight and teach.

·       Gifts for the Secret Santa: Unique gifts for exchanges or as a token of appreciation.

·       Thank You Educators: Show gratitude with thoughtful, practical products.

·       Souvenirs for Travelers: Inspire future adventures with gifts full of meaning and functionality

Visit 'Gifts for Less than 25 euros at Pepita Viajera and find the ideal gift that combines education and care for the environment at an affordable price. With us, gifting is easy, educational and always thinking about the planet.