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Explore our readers section at Pepita Viajera , where little readers can embark on exciting adventures and discover the world through stories and activity books with travel inspiration and educational value. Designed by teachers and education experts, our books are designed to inspire curiosity and foster a love of reading and learning from an early age.

Illustrated stories that inspire you to travel and learn.
Immerse yourself in a variety of illustrated stories that transport children to faraway places and diverse cultures. Each story is full of adventure, exploration and surprising discoveries, stimulating the imagination and promoting values ​​such as diversity, friendship and respect for the environment.

Educational and Fun Activities
Our activity books offer a fun, interactive way to learn about the world. From reusable sticker books to making up amazing stories to crafts, each activity is designed to encourage critical thinking, creativity and skill development while kids have fun exploring new topics and concepts.

Explore our Readers section in Pepita Viajera and immerse yourself in a world of reading and learning. With us, each page is an opportunity to travel, discover and learn something new.