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Crafts and DIY

Be inspired by the Crafts and DIY section at Pepita Viajera, where children can explore their creativity while learning about the world around them. Our collection is full of fun and educational projects that encourage imagination and discovery, all with the travel and educational touch that characterizes our brand.

Creativity in Action
From creative activities, puzzles that develop creativity, sticker books to make up stories, stuffed animals to paint... Our kits and materials are designed to unleash children's creativity and encourage different and fun learning. Each activity offers a unique opportunity to learn while having fun, turning every moment into an educational adventure.

Learning by doing
With our crafts and DIY projects, children not only create beautiful objects, but also gain practical skills and knowledge on different topics. From science to history, each activity is designed to spark curiosity and the desire to explore the world around them.

Explore our Crafts and DIY for Children section at Pepita Viajera and take the
fun and learning at home. With Pepita Viajera, each craft is an opportunity to travel with your imagination and learn something new.