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James Rizzi. Pop Art, the craziest art.

James Rizzi. Pop art. The craziest art in love with the Big Apple.

Color, fun and funky… All this can be found in James Rizzi’s work… A madness of images with the most vivid color palette you can imagine…

Living buildings, impossible characters, spaceships… All with the already characteristic 3D touch that James made by coloring a double print of the illustrations that he then mounted one on top of the other, separating them with a type of wire to give the 3D volume to the image, a technique that distinguished him and made him stand out in his field…

Nothing is a pretty as a Rizzi city
Times Square

James Rizzi (October 5, 1950-December 26, 2011) was an American pop artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, who lived and worked always in a studio/loft in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan.

Little is known about his life… Only that he studied Fine Arts at the Gainesville campus of the University of Florida and that at the end of his studies he married Gaby Hamill, a fashion designer from whom he divorced without having children.

Rizzi owes its fame to its 3D graphics. For large prints of urban landscapes filled with figures, symbols, objects and people. . This way of representing the world has become a personal and unmistakable style at an international level.

In the last period of his life, he combined Cubism with Picasso figures and Hanna & Barbera drawing, using an increasingly complex palette evoking sophisticated Native American friezes.

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