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mochilas infantiles

Looking for backpacks with animals? Discover rare animals with this collection by Pepita Viajera

Have you ever wondered which animals inhabit our planet and which are the strangest? As you know in Pepita ViajeraWe love to inspire little ones to explore and learn as they travel to infinity and beyond. Today we want to introduce you to our “Weird Animals” collection, which includes backpacks with animals, children’s thermos bottles, socks and an educational children’s story that they will love. Join Pepita Viajera on an exciting journey through the animal world and discover some of the most curious, funniest and weirdest creatures on the planet.

The strangest animals: a window to diversity

What seems strange, different or weird to us is sometimes simply because it is unfamiliar to us. The animal kingdom is full of fascinating and unique creatures that have developed unique adaptations to survive in their habitats. In our collection, we have carefully selected some of these animals to present them in a fun and educational way so that children can see that being different is also fun and okay.

Rare animals: educational children’s story

In our educational children’s story about rare animals some of the strangest animals on the planet. The ajolote, for example, is a species of Mexican amphibian that seems to have come out of a fairy tale. This little guy, also known as a “water monster” because he is aquatic! In addition, it has a surprising capacity for regeneration. If you lose a limb, it can grow back! Imagine having that superpower. It would be great if we could all regenerate our limbs, don’t you think? Goodbye to the days of worrying about accidents!

In addition to its regenerative ability, the salamander also has a charming appearance. His appearance looks like a combination of several animals: a smiling face, bulging eyes and skin with vibrant colors ranging from pale pink to dark brown. He looks like a cartoon character, and some affectionately call him “the real-life Pokémon.” Without a doubt, the salamander is an adorable and unique creature that will surely steal your heart.

As well as the salamander, the bobo, the dumbo, the narwhal… are some of the animals that appear in this collection! in this collection !

Traveling divertology

Immerse yourself in the experience of DIVERTOLOGÍA VIAJERA: fun, pedagogy and travel.

Pepita Viajera, our brand, arises from an exciting educational project that aims to create items that allow them to continue learning while being inspired to travel beyond limits. Our team of teachers and creatives is dedicated to design each article following the exclusive method of “Traveling Divertology”. This methodology fuses fun, pedagogy and travel, and drives us to create products that provide educational, playful and inspirational value. We want you to get much more than just a quality product and original design when you choose our products.

Each article is accompanied by a QR code that will open the doors to a world of discoveries. Simply scan the code and let the kids get carried away by the fascinating experiences that await you. From curiosities about different cultures to surprising facts about faraway places, or rare animals in this case, we invite you to explore the world with us.

At Pepita Viajera, we believe that learning can be fun, enriching and transformative. Therefore, we encourage you to immerse yourself in our collection, where fun, pedagogy and travel merge to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Get ready to explore the world of rare animals with Pepita Viajera!

Animal backpacks

Our backpack with rare animals is the perfect companion for any little adventurer. With its original and resistant design, you will be able to carry everything you need for your explorations. In addition, it is adorned with illustrations of the most curious animals, awakening the curiosity and imagination of children.

With our original children’s backpacks like this one, in addition to being able to store the most beautiful things for their trips, they will be able to paint on their inner blackboard! They can be used as school backpacks, preschool backpacks, elementary school backpacks… They will be the most original ones at school!

The magic children’s thermos bottle

There will be no better way to stay hydrated during your adventures than with our children’s thermos bottle . Decorated with adorable illustrations of rare animals, it will keep your drinks cool or hot for a long time. You will never be thirsty on your expeditions again!

Educational children’s story

Pepita Viajera has flown around the world to discover the most surprising secrets and curiosities of our planet. Our educational book illustrated is a window into the fascinating world of rare animals. Through its pages, children will learn about the unique characteristics of these creatures, their habitats and how they adapt to survive. It is a fun and pedagogical tool that stimulates the love of nature and the desire to learn. And for children to see that being different is also fun and okay.

mochilas infantiles

We believe that learning doesn’t have to be boring. Our “Weird Animals” collection combines fun, pedagogy and travel to provide children with quality products and original design. Dare to travel and discover with Pepita Viajera the most curious, funny and rare animals on the planet. Open your mind to diversity and awaken your inner explorer spirit!

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