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Frida Khalo. Mexican art and emotion in the brush.

Frida Khalo. Mexican art and emotion in the brush. The story of a difficult life.

Art, roots and love.

To speak of her is to speak of pain, of life and death, of emotional survival, of overcoming and obsession….

Who hasn’t fallen in love beyond oneself? Who has not taken refuge in the warmth and calm of returning to their “blue house”?

Frida’s art, a reflection of her life.

Frida’s art was labeled surrealism at first, until they got to know her in person. And she used to say:

“I don’t know if my paintings are surrealistic or not, but what I am sure of, is that they are the most frank experience of my being.”

Frida’s work is a narrative and autobiographical expression of her existence, because she was not painting dreams, she was painting something bigger, her own life…

The folklore, the serious accident, the moment of her lost pregnancy… His weak health and tortuous relationship with Diego Rivera served as raw material for his art. The one that helped her to channel her emotions and get to know the deepest part of herself.

His work is a faithful reflection of the emotions that every human being experiences, that is why we feel a pinch in our heart with some of his paintings, because we see something projected from ourselves.

Broken spine.
Frida and Diego Ribera
Diego in my thoughts.

A toxic love.

Daughter of a Mexican mother and German father. Frida was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan (Mexico) in the well-known “Casa Azul” (Blue House).

She belonged to the first group of 35 women admitted to the National Preparatory School where she met Diego Ribera.

Frida and Diego Ribera
Frida and Diego.

Frida and Diego’s tumultuous relationship (with comings and goings, infidelities, passions and misfortunes) is universally known. And it is far from representing the independence one would expect from an icon of modern feminism.

It shows the reality that, who more or less, has faced at some time, between their beliefs and the pulses of their instincts…

“Where you can love, don’t delay.”

Life, pure and hard, without ornaments or romanticism, and with which it is easy to feel identified at some point in your life.

The two Fridas
Henry Ford Hospital
The loving embrace of the universe

You can take advantage of the situation to discover which painting is pinching your soul and what could be the reason…

Discover the art of Frida Khalo with this video brought to you by Pepita Viajera.

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