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Hello!Welcome to Pepita the Traveler

My name is Yolanda. I am a teacher and illustrator. I love to travel. I grab my backpack, imagine my destination, and buy a roundtrip ticket. I don't need much else!

One day, returning from one of these trips, I was in my painting studio. As I looked at the pine trees surrounding it, I started to think about how to bring together my three passions.




Vista exterior del Tallercico de Pepita Viajera

the workshop...

Puerta del Tallercico donde nació Pepita Viajera

So I got my pencil and drew. Ever since that day over ten years ago, Pepita has been traveling with me everywhere…

Pepita the Traveler

A girl with two ponytails, yellow boots and a big, red backpack was looking at me and smiling.

Then, I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, I saw two ponytails moving up among the trees. I watched for a while, like a traveler, and it came to me…

Lámina brinda por ti

We've met amazing people

We've learned the customs in the places we've visited

We've painted what we feel

We've learned from the artists we've seen

...and we've made projects together to feel connected and united with the world

This doesn't end here, of course. Afterwards, we go to class and tell the children about what we've learned. All the girls and boys from my school now know Pepita.

I will never forget the day a girl looked at me, her eyes filled with wonder as if she'd discovered the world's greatest treasure, and said:

– Seño… You’re Pepita!


And just like you meet new people during a trip… We are now preparing a new adventure with a group of friends – Amaya, Jose, Dani, Pepita and me – to discover the great big world and everything we want to know about it .

Will you come with us?

These are just sketches of everything we are designing and manufacturing with all our love… and they will soon be available on our online store.

Adorno madera con logo de la marca Pepita Viajera
Botellas térmicas de acero inoxidable de la marca Pepita Viajera modelos Clásica y Eterna Viajera
Pack Láminas de la leyenda del hilo rojo marca Pepita Viajera
Productos Pepita Viajera

A verb was just born…


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