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Where is Marco Polo’s house?

“I didn’t tell half of what I saw because I knew they wouldn’t believe me.”

(Marco Polo)

Do you know where Marco Polo’s real home is located?

Since 1254, the famous explorer and merchant Marco Polo, projected his travels from the window of his small house in Korçula, while watching how the horizon engulfed the ships leaving for adventure…


Perhaps it was from this window that his traveling soul was inspired to forge his audacious future…

His creativity was not enough to imagine what he would experience outside the small Croatian island of Korçula, the place that claims the birthplace of the intrepid merchant, in front of the famous city of Venice…

You can visit the house where the epic traveler was supposedly born.

A classic house, in which the visitor climbs stairs without stopping, until reaching a magical rooftop, where watching the sea behind the roofs of the old town, you can imagine the unknown childhood of the merchant of the Silk Road…

Without getting into polemics, we dare to testify that this idyllic spot is worth knowing and visiting, because, as Marco Polo said, even if we told you about its beauty, you would not believe us…

We invite you to schedule This adventure for a next destination and walk the cobbled streets of a medieval village, city of merchants in ancient times, which retains the magic of yesteryear and romanticism with Venetian reminiscences of its architecture … The green of its forests and the turquoise blue of its waters, will invite you to fall in love with this jewel of the Dalmatian archipelago, which the Greeks called “Black Corfu” …

And if you are one of the lucky ones who decide to dedicate a couple of days to enjoy this destination, you will discover the haunted charm of a night walk through the lonely streets and you can spend a day touring and discovering the beautiful coves of dreams that hides its rugged coast…

A place that still escapes from the tourist crowds, where you can live the dream of every traveler…

Locate the place

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