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The Nemo point. The most inaccessible place on the planet.

Travel with Pepita to the most inaccessible place, the Nemo point.

The Nemo point. The most inaccessible place on the planet.

Haven’t you ever fantasized about escaping to a faraway place where no one could find you?

In this article we bring you the exact coordinates of Nemo Point. You will be able to escape with your imagination to the most inaccessible place on Earth, also known as the “oceanic pole of inaccessibility”…

Nemo, in Latin means nobody, and this place was named in honor of Verne’s famous character… It must be said that here the writer excelled with another of his famous predictions… Verne, in his novel “The Mysterious Island” published in 1874, placed this island in coordinates very close to Nemo Point.

Coordinates that could be officially defined by the Croatian engineer Lukatela . He calculated them using a specialized computer program), many years later, exactly in 1992. Curious, isn’t it?

The distance from the mainland to this incredibly far point. And sometimes astronauts are closer to it than the rest of the humans.

The nearest inhabited land mass is 2,700 kilometers from Nemo Point. This is an inhospitable spot, where biological activity is almost nil. Being so far from the mainland, the path of the winds does not carry living matter of any kind.

As an inhospitable area, Nemo Point became a “graveyard” for dumping space junk. Remnants of the Mir space station and other space artifacts end up there when they are no longer useful.

A mysterious place that inspires us to get to know the little unknown that remains on this planet.

Location coordinates of the Nemo point.
Description distance to the nearest terrestrial points.

We could tell you about other inhospitable places in the world that inspire you to get lost:

“Tristan da Cunha”, the most inaccessible inhabited place in the world. With a diameter of 12 km, this island is located in the middle of nowhere. It is more than 3,700 kilometers from Antarctica, 2,800 kilometers from Africa and more than 3,000 kilometers from the east coast of South America.

Its closest neighbors are 2,173 kilometers away, in the northern part of the island of Santa Elena .

Its entire population (about 300 inhabitants) is based entirely in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas.

Life on this island was never easy. Throughout its history, its inhabitants have had to face all kinds of difficulties. Due to its volcanic origin and severe weather conditions, they have been forced to leave the island on more than one occasion…

As you can imagine, getting to this island is not easy. It takes about 7 days from Cape Town in South Africa. As long as we have been able to get a passage in the ships that approach the archipelago, whose frequency is once a month.

In addition we would also have to have the authorization of the Mayor of the Island, obtain a certificate from the British police and prove that we have purchased the return ticket to Cape Town. As you can see, a trip made only for stubborn adventurers and their unconditional traveling backpacks.

Sign welcoming the few tourists on the island. It says: Welcome to the remotest island.
Exact location of the island on the map.
Location Tristan Da Cunha
Aerial view of Edinburgh from the seven seas.

We could tell you about other inhospitable places in the world that inspire you to get lost:

“The point of inaccessibility of the South Pole”, where, without joking, you can find a statue of Lenin… Or also, the “Midpoint of the Arctic Ocean”. More than 1000 kilometers from the nearest coast, and a place where it is believed that no one has ever been… These and others are some of the most inaccessible places on the planet. Perhaps for this reason, they inspire the adventurous passion within us and lead us to travel, too, with our imagination.

Pepita is seen at the South Pole with the Lenin statue in the background.
Pepita is seen talking to the bust of Lenin and in the background is an infinite frozen landscape.
Pepita Viajera is seen in Eskimo costume in an icy landscape.

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