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Pepita with the postcard from Scotland.

The Kelpies. The largest equine sculptures in the world.

Travel to Scotland with Pepita.

and discover the legend of the Kelpies.

Kelpies, art in nature.

The Kelpies, the largest equine sculptures in the world. We put on our backpacks and travel to Scotland. Introducing the KELPIES by the fantastic sculptor, Andy Scott.

The Kelpies of Falkirk, monumental sculptures of two horse heads emerging from the water, representing part of Scotland’s history and mythology.

They are located in an idyllic setting. A perfect visit for family travel, who will be struck by the colossal image of gigantic silvery figures, which can be seen from miles away and hide stories of the kind we love to hear and tell to the little ones.

Do you know Nessie? The Loch Ness Monster? Well, some say that it could very well be a Kelpie, one of the most dangerous creatures in Scottish mythology…

Malicious water spirits that dwell in lakes and rivers, and can take any form they desire…

A surprise from Edinburgh to Stirling…

Legend has it, that these beasts, to lure their victims, take the form of shimmering horses and whoever tries to tame them will be dragged into the depths of the lake and devoured by the monster…

If you travel from Edinburgh to Stirling, we advise you to make a stop to face these mythological beings that stand 30 meters tall and weigh over 300 tons. They are made of steel plates and are considered the largest equine monument in the world.

Located in The Helix park, next to the Forth and Clyde canal, a privileged place by the river.

There, you can savor your favorite hot drink with our thermal bottles, specially designed to enjoy special places like this, while the little ones have a blast in the children’s play area…

Additionally, you’ll be interested to know that it’s open 24 hours and access is free. You only have to pay to enter the sculpture itself, where you’ll take part in a guided tour.

One more tip, if you have some time, head over to the lovely little town of Linlithgow, which served as a backdrop for the Outlander series and will take you on a journey back in time…

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