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GLASTONBURY with Pepita Viajera.


What can King Arthur, Mary Magdalene, Queen Elizabeth of England, the Holy Grail, St. Patrick, Joseph of Arimathea and a fifth dimension have in common?

It’s very easy. They all converge at Glastonbury.

It is a destination full of mystery, history and mysticism. A place of legends and a millenary portal to a fifth dimension.

The truth is that no one has anything very clear about this place. It is all conjecture, with some physical evidence supported by experts, which seems to strengthen legendary hypotheses and lots and lots of magic. Put on your backpack and come with me.


Where to start?

We started at Bristol airport… From there, in a rented car we drove along roads between mountainous menthol landscapes and small filmy villages. We made some very magical stops. Some of them are well-known, such as Stonehenge (which obviously deserves a blog entry of its own) or Bath. Others were somewhat more unknown, such as Avebury, although charged with the same energy as the previous ones.

We stayed in a coquettish room with private bathroom in a house in Glastonbury that we thought was very nice. We arrived at dusk, and in the shadows, we could already glimpse the figure of the tower of Tor presiding and watching impassively, the county of Somerset.

We walked through the streets and although it was winter and cold, we could feel the lively and cozy atmosphere of the place. The esoteric stores were already hanging their “closed” signs on the windows of their doors, adorned with knitted or crocheted curtains.

The restaurants, accommodated you with the natural warmth of the fire in their fireplaces. They would whet your voracious appetite with the aromas of the more than delicious roasts and spices. And between a local red wine and a good dinner, we planned to visit, the next day, the magical Glastonbury Abbey.

Here, dear readers, allow me to indulge in a little bit of history and legend. Here goes:

Glastonbury is said to be one of the “cities of light” on the planet. These cities (according to mystical experts) are in higher vibrational frequency octaves than the rest of the places. Thus, the etheric layers (separating the different realities located in higher dimensions) in this place are supposed to be thinner. Translating it into “Stranger Things” language, here, there would be a portal.

Where is this portal supposed to lead us?

Well, nothing more and nothing less than to the mystical Celtic island of Avalon… Sound familiar? Its name means apple orchard. This fruit symbolizes feminine power and wisdom, which in this sacred and elevated realm of the other reality, is of vital importance. The queen of Avalon, Morgana (lover of the wizard Merlin), is one of King Arthur’s sisters. Legend has it that the ruler was mortally wounded in a battle and the sorceress put him on a boat. He took it to the other reality of Ávalon. There the physical laws of matter could not be fulfilled, thus managing to keep the king eternally alive.

The door between these two worlds is supposed to be in the tower of Tor. Formerly it was located in the middle of a swamp, now disappeared.


Precisely (and what a “coincidence”) this was the place chosen by Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea to protect the Holy Grail.

“It is said that there is a hypothesis that in reality the Holy Grail was the youngest son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, that’s right!

It was here that the first church of Christianity was founded. It is said that Joseph of Arimathea (to protect the mud church) planted a bush (in the year 63) that produces thorns with crosses. Locals claim that every Christmas Queen Elizabeth II asks for a branch of these shrubs to put on her table. (You can already see the relationship between all the characters I mentioned at the beginning of the text, can’t you?)

There are several “The Holy Thorn” shrubs, which are planted throughout Glastonbury. Tests have revealed that they were indeed planted more than two thousand years ago and that they come from the area of Palestine.

St. Patrick (who had not yet appeared in this story) annexed years later, a chapel that still today, boasts the murals that he himself painted.

Over the centuries, it grew and became the largest abbey in Christendom.

Its energy, even today, even if they are ruins, abstracts people who are called to come.

Well, here I wanted to have you, curious reader… Imagine (after knowing all this) visiting a place as beautiful and poetic as this abbey in ruins. You feel like it too, don’t you?

We, walking among its ruins, could see visitors dressed in medieval costumes. True geeks in love with the Arthurian legend who added to the scene the stamp of immortality. And as if these fallen walls lacked little “chicha”, they claim that this is where the remains of King Arthur and Guinevere were found. Later, they were subsequently transferred to a secret location in the forest. We were able to find many samples of all this. Strolling through the abbey, you find the signs indicating the exact place where the remains of this legendary couple were discovered. What? How did you stay? It is impossible not to go to this fantastic landscape driven by a pressing curiosity, don’t you think?

We spent our whole morning walking around and enjoying the energy of this magical place with so much history… We sat under a beautiful tree, imagining what part of truth there would be in all these stories… We talked about the existence of Avalon, the importance of the feminine energy of this place…

We ate and spent the afternoon “strolling” through the streets and the esoteric shops of the place, which you should not miss, at least for curiosity and for the strange atmosphere, “comi-con” roll that moves in the village, with people in costumes and all the fishing.

The next day, we woke up very early to see the sunrise. As we climbed the hill that led us to the Tor tower, the road already had that mystical aura of unique moments. The fog that at first covered everything, would gradually lift, revealing a place of mythological beauty.

They say that before climbing the hill, called The Labyrinth of the Goddess (in which there is one made by druids) you must ask permission from the Archangel Michael.

Tor is dedicated to this archangel and means “tower” in the Gaelic language.

In addition, you should not climb in a straight line, you have to turn around the mound following very specific indications. Despite the strong and freezing wind blowing on the way up, we followed them steadily. We made stops to lose ourselves in the landscape that the fog was uncovering and it was a truly, incredibly magical moment. I remember when we reached the tower, the sound of the wind was deafening and its force could move you… It was impressive when we went through the arch of the tower and all that disappeared completely, all of a sudden. There was resounding silence and a ray of sunlight slipped through one of the arches. It illuminated a small line on the wall, where I leaned my back, looking for some relief from the cold I was feeling. With the light on my face, I closed my eyes….

Some experts affirm that in this place, more than 100 magnetic points converge and that the most important Ley Line (energy lines that cross the planet joining places of high spiritual power) that connects Avalon with St. Michael’s Mount (in Cornwall) and the great stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury crosses here.

Whether you’re a “spiritual herb” or you’re totally oblivious to the esoteric subject, you can’t ignore that there’s “something” about this place.

It makes you feel different and even if you’re the most skeptical person in the world, you won’t come down from there the same way you went up.

It is worth noting that Glastonbury is surrounded by two springs that emerge from beneath the earth. One has so much iron that its water is red (Chalice Well). The other has such crystalline water that the stones it contains are so white (White Spring) that they give it an unearthly appearance.

This brings us to the next sacred place, the Chalice Well. It is a beautiful garden with fountains where the sacred well of the chalice is also located. You can tell it apart because it is decorated with the geometric symbol of Vesica Pisces, two intertwined circles, symbolizing the duality of existence.

The trip continued with a visit to Titangel Castle, where legend has it that King Arthur was born. But I already told you about that in a previous post….

Magic, “Lord of the Rings” landscapes, history, gastronomy and fun… All in a trip that we will undoubtedly repeat again soon and together.

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