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Nugget in Titangel, where King Arthur was born

Sculpture of King Arthur on the cliff.
Landscapes of leyen

Where was King Arthur born? The journey of Pepita Viajera in search of the legend…

If you are passionate about history, travel, literature and magic, here is your “must-do” trip…

Titangel… A landscape in the purest “Lord of the Rings” style welcomes us to discover the enigmatic castle where the Lord of Camelot was born… A place overlooking the abyss of a cliff battered by winds and waves, recalling the violent force of the deeds of King Uther Pendragon, father of the mythical British hero.

Go to TitangelTo know where King Arthur was born, is a firm purpose of a passionate traveler… It is not on the way nor is it close to any point of tourist transcendence, but if your thing is time travel, historical and literary epic, the caves of wizards and the legends of Avalon, here you will find much more than you imagine…

A castle with adventure
The cave of Merlin the Magician.

Visiting the ruins of this mythical castle becomes an adventure… After crossing suspension bridges at a dizzying height and dodging the slippery danger of its more than 300 steps, you will feel enormously rewarded by the scenery and the aroma of the place… A beautiful sculpture of King Arthur awaits you at the top of the cliff, to proclaim you worthy to sit at its round table and secretly reveal to you that when the tide goes out, and the beach is exposed, the mystical cave of Merlin appears where tradition tells that the sorcerer created his potions…

Landscapes of dreams and legends.

Strolling among the ruins of the Arthurian legend, imagining the myth within its walls, visualizing the famous sorceress Morgana looking at the sea through one of its windows, are some of the diamonds that will inspire you to write wonderful stories in your travel notebook.

Let yourself be accompanied by the essence of the place where King Arthur was born and you will feel the shiver of the energy of the first step of Avalon…

How to get to Titangel castle

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