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Sunset views from Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence, the Divine Comedy and eternal love…

Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi

Would you like to travel to the exact place where the Divine Comedy began?

We accompany you to know a must-see place in Florence where this story began…

“From that time and place, love ruled my soul.”- Dante

Dante Alighieri met his platonic love, Beatrice Portinari, at the early age of 9, and in the words of the poet: “From that moment on, love ruled my soul”.

Nine more years passed, and in a narrow Florentine street, in front of the door of a small church, Dante and Beatrice met again, in the encounter that would be the most important and inspiring moment of universal literature and poetry… And although in real life, between them there was only an exchange of glances, his love was so immense that after the death of his beloved at the age of 24, Dante promised not to write anything else about Beatrice until he could create “about her”. what has not been written about any woman before.” And thus was born one of the most important literary works in the history of mankind, “The Divine Comedy”.

A corner to write to love

You can still walk along this street, and witness the most powerful love encounter, the small Roman Catholic church of the thirteenth century, Santa Margherita dei Cerchi, keeps the remains of the muse Beatrice … The place of supreme love, as the Florentines know it … On its altar, always a flower and a basket full of pieces of paper of all colors, and on them, messages addressed to the eternal beloved of Dante, who harvest wishes as if they were prayers …

Discover the most romantic corner of Europe, let yourself be seduced by the peace and energy that you breathe in it, writing in your travel diary, the message for the great muse…

What are you waiting for? ” Get wet” and travel with Pepita Viajera to the place where love was born…

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