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El equipo de Pepita Viajera, Paco García, José García, Yolanda Romero, Chus Rubio, Dani Poveda y Amaya Ruiz

A little
about us...

We present ourselves to the world as a group of "inevitable creatives".

We are people whose spirits love to travel "outside the box;" we create our favorite longed-for realities.

And our opportunities are like energy; they are neither created nor destroyed, but ever transforming… And this is the "crux of the matter" of why we are here… We have already spent part of our professional lives working toward our dreams, each one different, and now our creative instincts have moved us to transform our opportunities into a new project we feel "must happen" now, our "Pepita the Traveler".

These professional adventures have served as a pretense for working together now, doing what we've hoped to do, in one way or another, for many years. We have found "the place" where we can each give what we most like about ourselves, where we feel free and unconstrained, and energetically plugged in.

We know that some of this energy will be infused into our Pepita the Traveler, wherever you send her traveling.

A verb was just born…


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